Chet Baker With Jerry Styner Orchestra

Tony Terran, Ray Triscari (trumpet) Chet Baker (trumpet, vocals) Miles Anderson, Dick Hyde, Ollie Mitchell (trombone) George Roberts (bass trombone) Plas Johnson (tenor sax) Buddy Collette (reeds) Larry Knechtel (keyboards) Al Casey, Mike Deasy, Joe Pass, Tommy Tedesco (guitar) Joe Osborne, Ray Pohlman (electric bass) Hal Blaine (drums) Gary Coleman (percussion) The Sid Sharp Strings, Jerry Styner (arranger, conductor)Sunwest Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA, July 6, 1970

1. Easy Come, Easy Go

2. Sugar, Sugar

3. Something

4. Spinning Wheel

5. Vehicle

6. The Letter

7. And When I Die

8. Come Saturday Morning

9. Evil Ways

10. You've Made Me So Very Happy

* Verve V6 8798 Chet Baker - Blood, Chet And Tears


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